- Why 0 to 500K?
- I went from zero Euros in the bank, even from minus €80.000 to over €500.000 in a few years by building REAL products.

- What happens when I buy your product?
- I contact you personally shortly after. You receive my full guide to a successful online webshop and social media following for your product/brand. Beside that I will analyse your brand/webshop/social media and give you my advice on how to make it perform better and get better sales.

- What language is your service in?
- The guide is in English, my personal service can be in English or Dutch.

- Is this a bulletproof guide?
- No, there's isn't a bulletproof guide to success but I can assure you your sales will go up. If I can do it with very niche based products, we can do it with your product.